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                                                             ManSat is working with the Manx Government to build a space industry on the Isle of Man. Man.                                                    ManSat's President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Christopher Stott, also serves as the Isle of Man's Honorary Representative to the Space Community.   As such, ManSat is supporting the Space Law Initiative.


ManSat represents a revolutionary partnership of aerospace, banking, financial services, and international legal interests that have come together to offer unique business services to the world’s commercial space marketplace.

Building upon the Isle of Man’s preeminent position as a supplier of world-class banking and financial services, ManSat provides tailored business services to meet the needs of the international space industry, specifically focused on providing access to geostationary orbits and associated radio frequencies.


By contract, ManSat Limited is assisting the Isle of Man Government in the preparation of its orbital filings to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for all Earth orbits and associated radio frequencies with special focus on geostationary orbit. 


In short, ManSat offers unique access to geostationary orbit.


Established in May of 1998, ManSat Limited is a Manx registered and Manx owned private company limited by shares, headquartered in Onchan on the Isle of Man with offices and representation in Houston and London.

You can learn more about ManSat via its home page at www.mansat.com .


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